My Mum

This February my Mum has reached the grand age of 60. I was asked by my Mum to create a piece of photographic artwork for her.

Having spent endless nights trying to create a working brief for myself I finally settled on an idea. Much of my personal photography is based around the detail within a landscape or in trying to portray something deeper, more engrained in time.

Raised in Ancoats I felt that this location was my starting point. Somewhat by chance I parked the van and found my photograph


Our parents give us life and show us life. Throughout my childhood and formative years i felt privileged with my upbringing. Born and raised in the beauty of the Peak District and Derbyshire Countryside my parents provided the encouragement and support to make decisions.

I have been taught it is important to be yourself, to remember your roots and feel your history. I have been shown that strength comes from within ourselves and that no obstacle is too great that it cannot be overcome.



An example of some of the things wrong with our culture and society...



interesting animals

So what do i see when im wandering around the streets...

Well i was driving through Cheadle the other day and stopping traffic in front of me was this lovely coloured cob. Everything was ok until he tried to enter the new Tesco Express...


I was at the Pink Dog Show a month or so back. Just found this lovely shot in my archive. It was the only photograph i took on the day but this dog I felt needing photographing as he looked a little bit tough for the occassion.



Social Landscape

Here is a series of photographs i have taken on the streets and pathways of Britain. I do not want to blog about my political views as my work is about sharing and not dictating my ideas about what a photograph should represent. The David Cameron Portrait Artist photograph is not a literal representation of my thoughts but a comical sign seen on a wander.


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